How do I configure my Opportunity Stages? - Pro+

You can choose the names and order of your Opportunity Stages to better align with your gallery's sales process.

To customize your Opportunity Stages, head to the Opportunities tab of the Configuration section of your Account Settings.

To add a new Stage, click the 'Add Stage' button. When you hover over a Stage, you'll see a blue pencil that you can use to edit the Stage information and a red trash can that you can use to delete a given Stage.

Important Note: Opportunity Stages are GLOBAL settings; in other words, any change you make to an Opportunity Stage will affect ALL users associated with your account.


Opportunity Stages Configuration


When creating or editing your Opportunity Stages, you'll see a few sections:

  • Opportunity Name: the internal name you use to reference the Stage
  • % Likelihood to Win: for every given stage, provide a percentage change that you think this Opportunity will convert to a sale; this percentage will influence forthcoming reports
  • Order: you'll want to order the stages to correspond with your sales process as well as the % Likelihood to Win
  • Default Online Inquiries: for any inquiries that come in through the ArtCloud Marketplace or your ArtCloud Website, an Opportunity will automatically be created - be sure to select which Stage online inquiries should be assigned to


Opportunity Stage Information

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