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How can I reduce inventory quickly?

If you're hitting a subscription inventory count limit or you're looking to clean up records, you can tag works to remove

ArtCloud does not advise deleting records from the platform. Deleted data from the platform can NOT be restored.

We get this question a bit: how can I delete old records? Although ArtCloud's official stance is to not delete inventory (think about historical data: invoices, tracking sales, purchase history for Contacts that link inventory to that Contact), however, ArtCloud can help you to delete mass amounts of inventory if you need.

The platform does not offer the ability to batch delete multiple pieces. It does allow you to delete works one by one, but if you need help deleting mass amounts, we can certainly help!

We recommend tagging all works you wanted deleted with ARTCLOUD - DELETE.

This specific tag will allow us to quickly and easily find all of the works that need to be deleted from your account.

If you'd prefer, you can always batch edit a tag onto multiple works.

Once you have all of your works tagged, please let us know in Support, and we'll get those works deleted from your account.