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How to use Batch Editing to opt multiple inventory items out of your website at once

Remove inactive, sold, or any other pieces of your choosing from your website's and your website's search results in bulk.

WARNING: We do NOT recommend that users delete an inventory item just to remove it from their website. Data is far harder to recover than to delete, and ArtCloud cannot promise that deleted data can be recovered.

Some galleries and artists prefer to exhibit an artist's entire works, whether they have been sold/are available or not (We have a helpful article covering keeping sold items on your site and displaying the word "SOLD" rather than a price). Some, however, prefer to only allow active or unsold inventory items to be displayed on their website or found when searched by potential buyers. We previously covered opting a single inventory item out of being shown on your website, but this article covers editing them in bulk with Batch Editing.

NOTE: We recommend that you first read our article on Batch Editing to understand how Batch Editing works.

Step 1 - Select the Inventory Records that you would like to opt out of your website.

Select all of the Inventory Records that you would like to opt out of your website by clicking the checkboxes next to their names. You may select as many records as you'd like, and can click between pages of contacts without losing the other contacts that you've selected. 

Step 2 - Select the Marketplace/Website Tab and choose the Website Visibility option

Once you've selected the Inventory Records you'd like to Batch Edit and have chosen the Batch Edit dropdown option, this screen should appear:

batch mkt place

You'll need to navigate to the Marketplace/Website tab.

mkt place op override

Next, click the blue button under the WEBSITE VISIBILITY field. A toggle should appear, like so:

opt in?

Whichever way this toggle is switched, all of your selected Inventory Records will be appropriately affected. Next, click the REVIEW CHANGES button at the top-right of the popup.


This popup will appear, informing you of all of the changes you have made during this Batch Edit. Click the SAVE ALL CHANGES button at the top-right of the popup to apply your opt-outs/ins, and whatever other changes you have made.

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