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Limited and Unlimited Editions

How do you enter and create limited and unlimited editions? How are they functioning?

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Limited Editions
Unlimited Editions
How do Limited Editions function on my Website or Marketplace?
How do Unlimited Editions function on my Website or Marketplace?

When you adding an artwork to ArtCloud, one of the first data fields after adding the Title and Artist is the Edition Type. You can select the artwork to be an Original, a Limited, or an Unlimited edition type.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 12.48.18 PMOnce you've selected either Limited or Unlimited as the Edition Type, you'll see more information appear below.

Limited Editions

When selecting Limited Editions, you'll see fields for both the Edition Number and the Edition Count. You'll also see buttons to Add Edition and See Siblings. When creating Limited Editions, the number you put in the Edition Count box indicates the total number of available editions; this is the number you'll see as the denominator or bottom number in an edition count.

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For example, with an edition count of 50, editions will be titled:

Artwork Title (1/50)
Artwork Title (2/50)
Artwork Title (3/50)

To add an edition, click on the black Add Edition button, and you will be taken to a new edition record. When adding editions, ArtCloud will automatically number them in chronological order and use the same price, but you can change the edition number, price, size, etc. for each edition. 

Keep in mind that you can add an edition from any other edition record, but the information will be kept the same. Learn more about managing editions here.

If you'd like to see all of the editions associated, you can click on the See Siblings buttons. Once you click on this button, a new pop-up window will appear, where you can see all of the editions related to one another. If you have many siblings, this is a great place to edit and search in one place.

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Unlimited Editions

Unlimited Editions is an edition type that was created to easily display frequently repeated amounts of inventory within your Manager and Website.

For instance, if you're looking to label inventory as Unlimited, these works don't need to have specific Identifiers (like inventory # or SKU), there are multiple copies of the work without a need for a formal count, or the artist is going to create these works indefinitely.

When selecting Unlimited Editions, you'll see a field for the Edition Number only. Just as with Limited Editions, you can add a Sibling edition to be associated with this parent-sibling edition set, but we don't recommend this since Unlimited Editions will automatically generate a new Edition record when the one is sold. These are used for pieces that are created or copied regularly.

PLEASE NOTE: You can name an Unlimited edition with the same Edition number. For example, you can have Artwork Title (Edition 1) and Artwork Title (Edition 1). The system will not gate or stop you from providing the same Edition number within Unlimited.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 1.12.47 PMFor example, editions will be titled as follows:

Artwork Title (Edition 1)
Artwork Title (Edition 2)
Artwork Title (Edition 3)

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 1.11.17 PM

How do Limited Editions function on my Website or Marketplace?

Limited Editions displaying on the Website or Marketplace are managed through the Edition Set. The ability to opt the individual Limited Edition in or out of the Website or Marketplace is now fully set through the Edition Set. Any change made to that Limited Edition Set will be applied to all individual records. You can see this on the Edition Set Knowledge Base article here.

When displaying Limited Editions on your website, you will see one edition record from the Set on the Artist's Profile page or an Inventory block. For example: Kristina Andes has 5 active edition records for her piece, Metaphors, but only the first edition of the 5 are displaying on her Artist page.

The platform will pull and display the next available Limited Edition record from the Set. Using our Kristina Andes example above: if her Metaphors (1/5) had been sold, but the other 4 edition records were available, we would see Metaphors (2/5) listed here since it's the next edition record available.

When users go to click on the Limited Edition from the Artist page & select Purchase, they will see a pop-up with a few dropdown menus optioning the Mediums, Sizes, and Editions/Prices available to purchase from that Limited Edition Set. These drop down options are based on how the individual records in that set are built. The purchase button and these drop down options are only available if Stripe is integrated on the account.

How do Unlimited Editions function on my Website or Marketplace?

Unlimited Editions now function similarly to Merchandise records. Once you create an Unlimited Edition record, this record will exist on your Website or Marketplace infinitely until you take it down, allowing one record to consistently display on your Website or Marketplace instead of creating multiples of the same record.

For instance, if you have an inventory item that you want to have displayed consistently on your website, even though it sells frequently, you can create one Unlimited record of this inventory item. The platform will not remove the piece after it sells.

In addition, when this Unlimited record sells from your website or Marketplace, the platform will automatically generate a new Unlimited record that will automatically display, creating individual records with visual consistency. This will allow you to add individual SKU values to these records for sales tracking as well as view the History of each individual Unlimited record.

Depending on how you have set Inventory blocks to display on your website, you may see these Unlimited Edition records display in Sold blocks, Active blocks, or Available blocks at the same time.

For instance, if you have this one Unlimited Edition record created and a client purchases this from your website, you could see this Unlimited Edition display in a Sold inventory block (since this record is now on an Invoice) and your Available inventory block (because the record is Unlimited and will be available until made otherwise).

If you have more than 1 active Unlimited edition record in your Unlimited Edition Set, you will see this function similarly to Limited Editions with a pop-up and drop down menus of the available mediums, sizes, and editions/prices.