Location Management

Control which gallery location displays on your sales and marketing materials

Follow these steps to make sure the correct gallery information displays on your sales/marketing materials.

For galleries that operate multiple locations, follow these steps to make sure that the correct location is displayed on your invoices, tearsheets, pricelists, and other sales and marketing collateral

Step 1: Set up your locations

Start by adding your business locations in your Account Settings. Be sure to complete all fields, including address, phone number, and website information. You'll also want to add a separate logo for each location, if you have one.

At this time, ArtCloud will use the same fonts and font colors for all business locations; you can manage these in your collateral style guide.

Step 2: Assign staff members to the correct locations

When creating tearsheets, pricelists, and more, ArtCloud will determine which location information to use based on the assigned location of the staff member logging in.

You can manage your staff members' assigned location in your Account Settings, under the Staff tab.

Important note: if the same staff members work out of multiple locations, they'll need to have separate logins for each one in order to display the correct location information.

Step 3: Create your sales and marketing materials

When your staff members log in to their accounts, ArtCloud will use the correct location details to populate the header and footer information on any materials you create -- tearsheets, pricelists, mosaics, and more.

NOTE: staff members whose permissions include the ability to edit invoices will still be able to select which location is represented  on an invoice from the dropdown menu on an invoice. This functionality is currently available only for invoices.