Update the meta description of each page

ArtCloud websites are already optimized for search engines, but you can further enhance your SEO by updating the meta description for each page.

What is SEO, and what does it have to do with my website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization -- it has to do with the factors of your website that get it to rank highly in search engine queries. SEO is definitely a buzzword when it comes to galleries, artists, and web-based content in general. Everyone wants their website to rank at the top of Google or Bing. However, SEO is no longer just about adding a ton of keywords (known as "keyword-stuffing") or attaching the right descriptions to images. 

How can I improve my website's SEO?

Fortunately, ArtCloud has done a lot of the legwork for you doing something called Structured Data. What that means is that we've optimized each of your page's URL structure, page titles, and more in such a way that Google and other search engines understand that your website is all about artists and artwork and can match it to queries having to do with artists and artwork.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do with your settings to further optimize your pages to assist users on the internet to find the right information that they're looking for on your website. We can do so by editing the Meta Description on your pages. A Meta Description is the short (no more than 300 characters is recommended) snippet that describes the content on a page result.


ArtCloud's meta description.

How do I modify the Meta Description on my pages?

Navigate to the Website Builder side of ArtCloud and hover over the page whose Meta Description you would like to modify. Click on the Settings icon.


Next, click the SEO tab in the popup that appears.


As you can see, ArtCloud will often populate the information in the PAGE TITLE field for you. This is pretty important, and we do not often recommend that users change the pre-generated title. 

NOTE: One situation in which we recommend changing the title involves sometimes adding the location of your gallery if it does not exist in the title. For example, if you are Gallery 222 and you are in Charleston, Alabama, you may change the title to "Artists | Gallery 222 on Main Street in Charleston". We recommend you keep your Meta Description titles short.

Next is the Meta Description. Remember, this should be no more than 300 characters.

Your Home Page description

For your Home Page, we typically recommend users enter an overview of the type of arts or artists that your gallery likes to showcase. If you are a gallery, you'll likely want to indicate where you are located. If you are an artist, you may want to give a description of the type of work that you do.