Add images to your blog posts

Use image widgets to add and resize photos in your blog posts

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How do I add images to my blog?
How do I change the image size?
Can I link the image in my blog post?

Images can be added to blog posts built in the ArtCloud Website Builder. First, navigate to the ArtCloud Website Builder, then over to the Blog tab.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with creating creating blog posts, we have an article that covers the process.

Once you've entered your Set up page information, you can click Next to go directly into your Blog Post builder.

Drag the Image block onto your page. After you add this Image block, you can click on Upload Image to get your image from your local computer storage.

How do I change the image size?

To change your image's size, click on the Image in your blog in the builder, then navigate to the Layout tab of your Image Block. You can adjust the image's Height with the slider under the Padding/Margin section. If you have a specific height you want the image to be, you can type in this amount.

Can I link the image in my blog post?

Yes! You can add a URL link to your image by clicking on your image in the blog post editor and adding this in on the Design tab. Please make sure to hit Save before exiting the editor.