Blocks / Snippets

Add images to your website

Use image widgets to add and resize photos in your website pages

Images can be added to pages built in the ArtCloud Website Builder. First, navigate to the ArtCloud Website Builder.


Next, hover over a page you would like to modify, and click on the pencil button with the word "edit" under it.


Next, drag a block with an image in it into your page. From there, you can hover over the image block in the editing field and click on the blue cog that appear in the top-left corner of the block. This will cause a popup to appear, where you can click on an image upload field. Pick the picture you would like added to your page, and click Save.


Change the size of images

To change your image's size, hover over your image and click the same blue cog button we used earlier to access the image's settings. In our popup, there is an area to modify the size of your image in pixels.

**Please note, you will need to enter the unit measurement (px or %) in order to make or save changes.


NOTE: As you can see, by using this method, images will be added and be displayed as their exact file size. Any desired cropping will need to be done to the image before you upload it.