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Add videos & other media to individual Artist Profile pages

Add videos and other media to individual Artist Profile pages

If you do not have Website Pro+, video and other forms of media can be added to individual Artist Profile pages despite these pages being generated from Page Templates.

You can do this by adding your video or media to the Artist's biography field in Manager. Once on the Artist's record in Manager, scroll to the biography section on their record. We'll use our Artist, Mary Maderon, as the example.

In this text editor space, you can add images,

or other Media here, using the icons in this text editor:

We've added in a link to a YouTube clip here:

And now, you should see this video link on Mary's artist page on the website:

Please note: Adding media or images through the Artist's biography field will associate this piece of media in the Biography section of the specific Artist's page. If you want to place this media in a more custom place on the Artist's page rather than the biography, you will need to create a Media Post and link the media with Pro+ Linking.