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Follow Artist Block - Pro+

Easily create a way for Interested Contacts to follow their artist interests

Please note: this is a feature of the Website Pro+ Subscription tier. To learn more about our Subscription tiers and what is included, please feel free to view the Subscription tab in your Account Settings or our Pricing Page.

Within the Website Builder Pro+ Subscription, we offer a block that you can add to your Artist Profile Page Template that allows contacts to easily sign up for updates and information about the artist of their choice.

If this Follow Artist block is added to the Artist Profile Page Template, a small sign up form will be added to all of the Artist Profile pages on your website. If a contact or client is interested in the artist's works, they can follow the artist with this form.

Once they've followed the artist, the Contact is then associated with the Artist's Interested Contacts. You can see this list of Interested Contacts on the Artist's record:

This Contact will also be included in the list of recipients if you send out a New Arrivals email.

How do you add the Follow Artist form to your website?

First, you'll want to navigate to your Artist Profile Page Template within the Website Builder:

After getting to your Page Template, you can view the Follow Artist block in the Pro+ section of the Content menu:

When you've decided on where you want to place this block on your template, you can drag and drop the block into the builder and then SAVE.

You'll now see this block on all of your Artist pages on your website: