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How do I change my font for my website?
How can I add fonts to my Font Kit?
How do I choose a font for my Header? Body?
How do I apply a chosen Header or Body font on my website?
I had set fonts on my site before the upgrade. What happened to these?

If you currently have an ArtCloud website, please note that applying a Header or Body font choice will override your current fonts chosen on the site. Read more here.

ArtCloud has connected with Google Fonts to provide hundreds (& growing!) of font options to customize your ArtCloud website. To modify the fonts on your website, you’ll first need to navigate to the ArtCloud Website Builder side of ArtCloud, then into the Design tab.

In the Design tab, scroll down to the Fonts section. In this section, you’ll see the Font kit builder. If you have already chosen fonts, you'll see them displayed here, but if you have not chosen fonts just yet, you'll see "Available Fonts - Configure":

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 3.44.31 PM

Click on Configure to edit or add fonts to your Header and Body font selections.

How can I add fonts to my Font Kit?

Once you've clicked on Configure, you'll see a Font Kit pop-up display:

You can search for specific fonts or sort through fonts with the Sort by drop down. On default, you'll see the Trending fonts on Google Fonts. We also offer the ability to sort by Most Popular, Newest, and Name.

You can add fonts to your Font Kit by checking the small box on the left side of the font name. In this example, I'm going to add Lato and Alata as fonts to my kit:

How do I choose a font for my Header? Body?

You can designate fonts for Header font choices or Body font choices by selecting the relevant checkbox next to the font name. I want to associate Lato as a Header font and Alata as a Body font:

There are no limits to how many fonts you can add to your Font Kit or assign for Header or Body text uses.

How do I apply a chosen Header or Body font on my website?

Once you've set your fonts within the Font Kit, your site will automatically update based on the Header and Body text blocks on the site. If you want more control over where these fonts are applied, you can control this directly through any Text box with the Font Family option:

I had set fonts on my website before the upgrade. What happened to these?

Your previous font choices are still applied on your website. They will not be overridden until a font within the Font Kit is explicitly chosen as Header or Body.

Since we have updated how ArtCloud websites are pulling in font options (through Google Fonts), you may not see your previous font listed in the available font choices due to how Google Fonts builds and hosts these font types. Please feel free to reach out to ArtCloud Support to assist if you have any concerns.