Getting Started - Marketplace

How to change your Marketplace settings

Opt your profile in, change your cover image, or change your artist biography

You can make adjustments to your Marketplace profile on the Marketplace tab of your Account Settings. Click on your Profile name on the bottom left corner and then on Account Settings. Navigate to the top of the Account Settings to find the Marketplace tab.

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Here, you'll be able to opt in or out of the Marketplace, add or edit your Marketplace cover image, add or edit your artist biography, or enable/disable the Make an Offer inquiry that displays on the Marketplace on the inventory detail page.

Please note: If you're working with or represented by a gallery that also has an ArtCloud account, the Artist Marketplace profile will prioritize information from the Artist's account. Although Galleries can enter/adjust Marketplace information for their Artists on their account, any information entered on the Artist's ArtCloud account will override the gallery's data.

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