How to create and edit a Blog post

Create and edit blog posts

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How to create a new blog post?
Blog Setup Page
Formatting your blog post
Editing blog posts
How do I add my blog post to my web page?
How do I link my blog to a specific Artist page, Inventory Detail page, or Exhibition Detail page?

Now that you've set up your Blog page, or added your blog block somewhere to your website, you can begin creating blog posts. Begin by navigating to the Blog tab in the left navigation. Next, click on the blue ADD NEW BLOG POST button in the top right corner.

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Blog Setup Page

Next, you'll be able to change what will display in the preview view of your blog post.

Please note: You can also link your blog post with Pro+ Linking on this preview page if at the Website Pro Plus subscription tier. You will not be offered Pro+ Linking if you do not have Website Pro Plus.

On this page, you'll be able to change the following:

- Blog Post Title - The title of the blog post. What you type here will be shown on the preview of the blog post, and in the actual blog post itself.

- Publish Date - The date that appears on your blog post's preview.

- Featured Image - This image will appear to the left of your blog post's preview.

- Blog Post Excerpt - This text is not actually a part of the article (though it can be, if you copy and paste an excerpt from your article), but is meant to be a teaser of sorts, or a summary of what your article is about.

Once you have all of those items filled out, you can click the NEXT button at the top-right of the screen.

Formatting your blog post

Once your blog's preview information has been set, you can begin formatting the actual contents of the blog. Formatting your blog post looks a lot like creating a page in ArtCloud's Website Builder.

There are Blog Content Blocks to the right of the page for building your blog post.

You can drag and drop these items wherever you would like into your blog post and customize what these blocks say/display.

To learn more about the various Content blocks available, please view our Introduction to the Basics of the Sitebuilder 3.0 article.

NOTE: Notice that a Header block was not added to this article during its creation. You can refrain from re-adding the title of the blog post to a header at the top of the post, as a header with the blog's title (set on the previous screen) will instantly populate on your post's page.

Click both Save buttons at the bottom of the post as well as at the top right of the screen when you are finished editing your post. You may visit the preview of your blog post on the page that you set up as your blog page, or the page that you dragged a Blog block to.

The blog post preview page:

The blog post itself:


Editing blog posts

If you would like to edit a blog post, you can hover over the blog post in the Blog tab, and click on the Action dropdown that appears next to it. You can then press the Edit button, and begin editing your blog post.

How do I add my blog post to my web page?

After you've built your blog post and published it, you can now add it to your webpage! You can do this by navigating to the page you want to add all blog posts to, clicking on All blocks, and scrolling down until you find the Blog block. After you drag and drop this block onto the page, you'll see your Blog posts appear here.

Please note: Adding a blog block to your page will populate ALL blog posts from your blog dashboard. If you want to control which blog post is displayed on specific pages, you will need to create the Blog Post and link the blog with Pro+ Linking.

How do I link my blog to a specific Artist page, Inventory Detail page, or Exhibition Detail page?

You will need to have a Website Pro+ subscription in order to link blogs onto specific Artist, Inventory Detail, and Exhibition Detail pages through Page Templates. This is performed with Pro+ Linking for Blog Posts.

If you'd like to learn more about Pro+ Linking or request a Website Pro+ trial, please reach out to Support to learn more.