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How to hyperlink text and images in your website

Link your text and images to other web pages

In the ArtCloud Website Builder, users can hyperlink their text or images to other web pages. Hyperlinking is the practice of making a link open a new page once it is clicked. 

Add hyperlinks to text

To hyperlink text, you'll need to highlight the text in question. Select the given text, and a toolbar will appear at the top of the page. general-1

Without deselecting the text or clicking anywhere else, click the chain link icon at the top of the page.  closeup

After selecting the chain link icon, a popup menu will appear. Enter the link to the page you would like your text to open in the Link field. You can edit the text the link displays or choose if the link opens in a new window. Lastly, click the OK button at the bottom-right of the popup. Click the blue Save button at the top-right of the screen.
link text

Add hyperlinks to images

There are two methods to add a hyperlink to an image.

Option 1 - Use the chain link in the toolbar

Much like the option above, click an image (or click and drag over an image to highlight it) with your mouse. The same text editing toolbar will appear at the top of the screen.  Select picture

Next, click the chain link icon, and paste the URL of where you would like your image to link to in the Link field of the popup that appears.picture link box

Option 2 - Use the blue settings button (blue cog wheel)

Hover over an image (or the drag-and-drop block you've chosen with an image) and click the blue cog wheel button that appears to the left of the block.

blue cog

Next, add the URL that you would like your image to link to in the Hyperlink field.

picture linkBe sure to hit the Save button in the top-right corner of this modal.

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