Getting Started - Data Import

Import your Contacts

Seamlessly import your contacts into your ArtCloud account

Sometimes it makes sense to add contacts one item at a time, but if you're new to ArtCloud, you may want to import your contacts through a CSV upload. You also have the option to migrate your data from another system.

ArtCloud's Contact Import Template

At ArtCloud, we use .CSV files (Comma Separated Value - these are typically opened by spreadsheet editors like Microsoft ExcelNumbers for Mac, or Calc by LibreOffice) to import contacts, inventory, and invoices.

In ArtCloud's importer, Column Titles determine where the data in that column will be assigned when it is imported. For example, if you'd like to designate a column of your CSV to populate a field that designates a client's first name(perhaps in your system or spreadsheet, it is called contact_first_name), you would rename that field firstname for ArtCloud to recognize it and import it properly.

This article will go more into depth on this later, but for now, if you'd like to know what columns ArtCloud uses, you can download our pre-made Contact Import Template to make importing to ArtCloud easier by navigating to your Settings and clicking on the Imports tab. We also have a key to assist you in using this template.

How do I import contact data?

To import your data, head over the Contacts tab and hit the Import button.

From there, select New Import.

Next, choose to import a CSV (Comma Separated Values, or a spreadsheet document).

Then select the Contacts option.

You'll then be prompted to pick a CSV file to import. You can either click on the large button with the arrow, or drag a file into the button.

Next, you'll be taken to our Match Columns screen. As stated earlier, in ArtCloud, we have a list of fields that ArtCloud is able to accept as data. Here, you can match the column titles in your own system or spreadsheet to ArtCloud's fields.

NOTE: Each custom field can only be assigned to an ArtCloud label once.

Unmatched columns (columns that either do not exist in your document or have not been assigned) are at the top of your page...

...while automatically matched columns (columns whose names happen to match the names of ArtCloud's field names) are at the bottom. Check these thoroughly before importing.

How do I import contact images?

For new customers, ArtCloud's migration team will help you import your images. Once you've uploaded your file, contact for next steps. Please note this service is only available for paying, active subscriptions. Only the first image import is complimentary; additional imports can be done for a fee. Contact us to get a quote.

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