Artist Block Configuration

Set a specific preview image for artists on your website, and change it on-hover

Decide what artist image appears on your artist listing page

On an Artist Listing Page, each artist is represented by a thumbnail. Some gallery owners prefer this thumbnail to be a piece by that artist, and some prefer a portrait of that artist. To set this information, visit your Artists tab on the left side of the screen in ArtCloud Manager mode. 

Next, click on an artist whose image you would like to modify. When the editing menu for the artist record appears, notice these two inputs:


Profile Image

A portrait of the artist is typically entered under the Profile Image field. This image will also be the image that your artist is displayed with on the ArtCloud Marketplace on your Marketplace page.

Cover Image

This image acts as an alternate image for your artist. But why do you need a Cover Image if you already have a Profile Image for your artist? This isn't a necessity, but having one will assist you in changing what image appears when you hover over it in the Artist Listing page on your website.

Change what image displays on your Artist listing page by hovering over a thumbnail with your mouse

While viewing your website on your computer, with both image fields filled, you can accomplish this:


Notice that when each profile thumbnail is hovered over, the image changes, and when the mouse is removed, it changes back. 

To accomplish this, hover over the page containing your Artist List, and click the Edit button that appears.


Next, hover over your Artist Block and click the blue cog wheel button that appears at the top-left of the block.


This popup will appear:


The ARTIST THUMBNAIL IMAGE field determines which of the two profile pictures mentioned earlier will automatically display on your Artist Listing page:


Next, the Show alternate on hover? toggle will turn on or off the ability to show the alternative image (the Cover image if you've set the ARTIST THUMBNAIL IMAGE field to Profile, and vice-versa).