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What are Opportunities? - Pro+

Learn more about Opportunities and how to use them in ArtCloud Manager Pro+.

Please note: this is a Pro+ feature for both Artist and Gallery accounts. To see the subscription tiers and what each tier offers, please visit our Features pages: Artists Gallery.

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Let's start by defining an Opportunity:

Opportunity: a potential sale that needs to be tracked through a process to completion

While some art sales happen quickly, oftentimes the process can take weeks or even months before the client finally makes a decision.

Opportunities are designed to help you keep track of all the potential sales your gallery team is currently working on — think of it as your gallery's sales dashboard.

Benefits of Opportunities:

  • Revenue Prediction: see at a glance what potential revenue the business as a whole and each staff member could bring in over a given period of time
  • Staff Oversight: understand what potential sales your team is working on and what sales activities they've completed recently
  • Collaboration: if one staff member is out of the gallery, any other staff member can quickly find out the status of a potential sale and continue assisting the client
  • Sales Workspace: when your staff is ready to work on their follow-ups, this is their go-to workspace where they can see whom they need to follow up with and when, so they don't let a potential sale go cold

Start using Opportunities by defining the stages of your sales process

The first thing you'll want to do is determine the various stages of your gallery's sales process. Every gallery is a little bit different, so it's important to define your Opportunity Stages based on what makes the most sense for your business.

Don't worry if you don't get the stages right the first time! It will most likely take some tweaking and adding, deleting, editing, and/or re-ordering the stages until you feel like they're correct.

You can then configure your Opportunity Stages in the Configuration section of your Account Settings.

Create Opportunities for all the potential sales you are working on

Once you've configured your Opportunity Stages, you can start using Opportunities!

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