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What is a token?

How do they work? Why are they important?

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What is a token?
What is an example of a token?
How do I use tokens?
What are Prefix Labels and Suffix Labels?

With SiteBuilder 3.0, we've built new and more customizable options to make your website pages stand out even more. Tokens are one of these new features. Tokens allow customers to add information seamlessly from Manager into a specific Page Template on SiteBuilder 3.0. Since Page Templates are made to populate all Artist Pages, all Inventory Detail pages, and all Exhibition Detail pages, tokens allow ArtCloud to populate the specific information to the right Artist, Inventory Detail, or Exhibition Detail page.

In ArtCloud, a token is a “symbol” representing information on Page Templates that has been added into the Manager. When you edit a token in the builder, you are formatting how the information appears on the site. When you add or delete a token, you are adding or removing the information from the specific block on the page or template.

What is an example of a token?

There are multiple tokens in SiteBuilder 3.0 that can be used in various Meta Text block sections, and we're continuing to add more. Here are some examples:


These tokens are representative of the information they're populating. For instance:

{ARTIST_BIOGRAPHY} will populate the biography on each specific Artist's page from their Artist's Biography field from within Manager.
{PRICE} will populate the price on the specific inventory detail page listed on the inventory's record. If no price is listed on the inventory record, Price on Request will immediately populate instead.
{DIMENSIONS} will populate the length, width, and depth listed on the inventory record of each specific inventory.
{DESCRIPTION} will populate the specific Exhibition description on that Exhibition's detail page.

Not all tokens are available on all Meta Text blocks. Tokens are available based on the Page Template and the specific Meta Text block.

If there is no information in Manager for any token to pull on, nothing will appear in the live site despite the token being added.

Let's build an example! I want to have my Artist biographies appear on my Artist Profile pages. I'm going to add the {ARTIST_BIOGRAPHY} token to my Artist Profile Page Template in a block:

This {ARTIST_BIOGRAPHY} token addition will now populate the artist biography on all of my artists' profile pages across my entire site. The biography that populates will be specific to that Artist's biography based on if that Artist has a biography added onto their Artist record.

How do I use tokens?

Tokens may appear automatically based on the block dropped on the page or you can use the Insert Token drop down menu that appears in the Text Editor space. The tokens available for use will depend on the Page Template and block you're looking to add this to.

Tokens will not appear on regular Text blocks.

What are Prefix Labels and Suffix Labels?

Prefix and Suffix labels allow you additional customization of your token based on condition. For instance, if you want a "Medium" label to appear on the {MEDIUM} token when a medium is present, you can add this to your Prefix.

In order to save your adjustments or changes when adding a Prefix or Suffix label, you must click Update with the check mark.

The same works with Suffix labels, but this adjustment will appear at the end of the token. If you want to have seamless labels, please make sure to add a space in your label that will also function on condition. You can Hover For Preview to see your adjustments before Updating your changes.