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What is SEO, and where can I modify it in my ArtCloud account?

Learn about what Search Engine Optimization is, and where to find features to modify it in your Website Pro+ subscription.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - it has to do with the factors of your website that get it to rank highly in search engine queries. SEO is a buzzword when it comes to galleries, artists, and web-based content in general. Everyone wants their website to rank at the top of Google. However, SEO is no longer just about adding a ton of keywords (known as "keyword-stuffing") or attaching the right descriptions to images. Most businesses have to hire an SEO professional, as learning how to effectively use SEO can take months to years.

The good news is that ArtCloud takes care of a lot of the legwork for you! Our developers have written quite a bit of code behind the scenes to give your website a great headstart when it comes to SEO.

What can I do to help my site's SEO?

NOTE: As we've mentioned earlier, we do not recommend beginners with little to no SEO experience attempt to modify their site's SEO as it may do more harm than good.

Users can do a number of things to help improve the SEO of their Marketplace profile piece and website pages.

In the website builder, any tier can modify the Meta Description of each page of their website. We have an article on the process here.

Users can also frequently share website pages (be they individual art pieces on your website or Marketplace, or any other pages on your site) in different places online. More views or clicks on a specific link can help boost that page's SEO.

Adding more content to your website will help increase the chances of being ranked in higher search results. You can do this through adding Blog Posts and linking them to your Artist pages or Exhibition pages.

Can I modify my own SEO?

Please note: this is a Pro+ feature for both Artist and Gallery accounts. To see the subscription tiers and what each tier offers, please visit our Features pages: Artists Gallery.

If you'd like to learn about upgrading your account, please feel free to reach out to Support!

With ArtCloud's Website Pro+ tiers, users can modify SEO for individual Inventory items on their website. You can do so by clicking on an inventory item and accessing its Inventory Detail page, and clicking the Marketplace/Website tab. 


If you're subscribed to Website Pro+, at the bottom of the tab, you'll either see a toggle to turn on Advanced SEO:


or a section of fields to modify each SEO field: